Eden Water Apothecary Range

Harnessing the Power & Simplicity of Nature

Natural Skincare that won't cost us the Earth 

Eden Water's unique botanical range are ethically made in small batches. Our natural products keep skin balanced and healthy with absolutely no 'greenwashing' what-so-ever. Our Botanical formulations are rooted in nature, plant based, kind and suitable for all skin types.  All products are created here on our premises from scratch, we create unique natural formulations and are committed to using 100% natural, cruelty free ingredients, you wont find any SLS, parabens or synthetics in our products.

Our products are scented with pure therapeutic Essential Oils and coloured with earth mineral clays, spices, herbs or home grown organic botanicals.

You could eat the majority of our ingredients! But please don't! Once the ingredients have become soap, they are definitely not edible.

Quality, all natural products intended to soothe, nourish and heal and  they are safe for the entire family.   

Zero Waste Eco Friendly Packaging ~ Ethics before profit 

Leave no trace!  We insist on Eco friendly packaging and go to great lengths to ensure our products are free from plastic, sulphates and cruelty.

Constantly mindful and passionate that all  packaging is recyclable/compostable including our packing peanuts.  Our beautiful Botanical Bath Bombs are protected by a compostable film made from Wood Pulp. This film is GM free and made from renewable, sustainable sources.

For shipping  we use 'Wood Wool' (made in the UK from responsibly sourced FSC certified wood) and use Ecoflo packing peanuts which are lightweight, 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable GM free starch, perfect to protect for shipping.

Eden Water Soap Company is a member of Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers GCSTM which provides guidelines on soapmaking and current UK & EU necessary legislation.

'Home..'  Artwork by my incredibly talented friend Lesley McLaren.  www.lesleymclaren.co.uk