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Our Philosophy ~ Ethics & Care


Eden Water Soap Company is a meticulously crafted, small-batch, traditional ‘Natural Soap’ self-care brand focussed on harnessing the simplicity and power of nature. 

Our Botanical formulations are developed to cleanse, keep skin balanced and healthy. Our products are rooted in nature, plant based, kind and suitable for all skin types.  All products are created in our workshop, we create natural formulations and are committed to using 100% natural, sustainable, ethically sourced and cruelty free ingredients. 

Stripping away the excess and letting the essence shine ~  Simplicity, sustainability and transparency ~ We are committed to ensuring our ingredients are quality, natural, mindfully sourced.

Our focus is on the exceptional quality of our ingredients and not overpriced wrapping, advertising and packaging. Our simple, environmentally-conscious packaging ensures our story aligns with our eco-conscious commitment. A simple, natural and rustic aesthetic, which is eco-friendly, recyclable/ biodegradable.

Our products are certified by our Chartered Cosmetic Chemist to ensure they meet strict UK/EU cosmetic safety standards.  Eden Water Soap Company is a member of Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers GCSTM which provides guidelines on soapmaking and current UK & EU necessary legislation.

Natural Skincare that won't cost us the Earth ~ Just like you, we care deeply about our environment and go to great lengths to ensure our ingredients are from sustainable sources and our products free from plastic and cruelty.​  All products are earth and skin kind, never tested on animals, palm oil free, paraben and sulfate free. 


We insist on eco friendly packaging to ensure a kinder footprint to our planet.  Our Botanical Bath Bombs are protected by a compostable film made from Wood Pulp. This film is GM free and made from renewable, sustainable sources. For shipping  we use 'Wood Wool' (made in the UK from responsibly sourced FSC certified wood) and Ecoflo packing peanuts which are lightweight, 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable GM free starch.

Our products are created in a 'Nutty Environment'  and may not be suitable for nut sensitive individuals. Please refer to our ingredient lists.

Home ~ Eden Water. Artwork by my incredibly talented friend Lesley. View her astonishing artwork @

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