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Eden Water Apothecary Range

Inspired by Nature

Eden Water Botanical Artisan Soaps are created using the ancient traditional Cold Process method, a far superior process which produces a high quality, luxurious soap bar abundant with nourishing, natural skin softening ingredients. Our formulations are meticulously developed ensuring each ingredient serves a unique purpose to support and nourish your skin.  We offer a variety of botanical formulations to suit different skin types. Since nature is my first passion the majority of our beautiful botanicals are organically grown in my rural cottage garden.

Turning precious plant seed oils into luxurious soap takes skill and patience, after your soap is meticulously created, it takes a further 6-8 weeks to cure to perfection. Curing ensures quality, gentleness and a long lasting, beautifully balanced and nourishing soap bar suitable for your face and body.

Passion & Perfection

Meticulous care has been taken to ensure our ingredients come directly from mother nature's larder and are of the highest quality, ethically sourced and sustainable. Our Eco friendly packaging ensures every purchase supports a greener future.

Love the skin you're in ~ Just add water!

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