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Eden Water ~ Ethics ~ Packaging & Care 

Botanical Soap enriched with the finest, Plant oils, Butters, Botanicals, Earth Minerals & Pure Essential Oils. 

Meticulous care has been taken to ensure all products and ingredients are of exceptional quality, sustainable and ethically sourced.

A word on palm oil, I don't consider palm oil ethically sourced. There are concerns that the body that governs Rspo, (The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) mainly serves the interests of the producers, banks and traders and has NOT played a significant role to their promises of protection of the tropical forest and inhabitants. Palm oil is a versatile product and a high yeild crop used in food industry from pizza to chocolate, as well as in the cosmetic industry, lotions, soap etc.  Indonesia is the largest palm producer, sadly the production is causing the disastrous eradication of tropical rainforests which continues with unprecedented speed, resulting in environmental crisis, killing and depriving unique species from their habitat. 

Leave no trace, we go to great lengths to make sure our products are are free from plastic, preservatives, sulphates and cruelty. Our soap bars are wrapped in recycled craft paper, purchased in the UK, completely recyclable and compostable.  

Our Aromatherapy Bath Range are protected by a compostable film made from wood pulp. This film is GM free and made from renewable, sustainable sources.

For shipping we use Wood Wool which is made in the UK from responsibly sourced FSC certified wood.  We use Ecoflo packing peanuts which are lightweight, 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable GM free starch, perfect to protect for shipping.

Soap Care ~ Your soap is made of precious oils and butters, so to prolong its lifespan treat it with the respect it deserves. Handmade soap has a natural high glycerine content, which is wonderful for your skin but it also means your soap must be kept dry between use. Glycerine attracts water, if left standing in moisture your soap will break down quicker.

Store your soap in a cool dry place away from sunlight, excessive heat and humidity. Natural soap needs to breathe, exposure to the air promotes hardening of your soap and contributes to a longer lasting bar. 



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