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Solid Shampoo Bars
Small, Mighty & Concentrated
With Therapeutic Essential Oil

Our Shampoo Bars are complete cleansing and nourishment concentrated in one compact, mighty little bar. Shampoo Bars are long lasting, suitable for all hair types and gentle enough for every day use.  They contain no irritating harsh surfactants, no sulphates nor parabens, no silicons ~ they do however contain gentle, natural Botanical plant oils for hydration and fragranced with therapeutic essential oils which are kinder to your hair, skin and our planet!

Zero Waste & Ph Balanced 

Kind to Hair ~ Kind to Planet ~ Zero Waste

Compact, Concentrated & Wonderfully Travel Friendly

Suitable for all hair types

They are carefully formulated to provide a rich, ph balanced, hydrating lather and enriched with emollient Shea Butter to cleanse, replenish and work in harmony with your body's own oils without over-drying the hair or scalp.

 'Aqua' (water) is the main ingredient in commercial plastic bottled shampoo, in fact over 80%.  Our concentrated, shampoo bars are made from gentle, biodegradable surfactants (derived from coconut) they lather wonderfully, just as a liquid shampoo does, but they are kinder, less irritating to hair and scalp and last much longer than plastic bottled shampoo.


Shampoo bars are a zero-waste alternative to commercial shampoo and plastic bottles!

Did you know that in the UK, we throw away 520 million plastic shampoo bottles every year. So, by changing our habits we really can make an incredible difference.

Our Shampoo bars can be used on the skin, beard and body, making them so convenient and perfect for the whole family. They come with their own little travel tin and are excellent for the travelling, gym, swimming and hospital stays. 

Wonderful space savers, no need to carry bottles in your holiday luggage! 

So how do we use them?

  • Wet hair and the shampoo bar

  • Depending on length of hair either slide the bar from root to tip or work up a lather in your hands and massage into hair and scalp as you would with bottled shampoo

  • Rinse with clean, warm water

Eden Water Soap Company is a recognised member of Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers and regulated by strict UK/EU legislation. Our Chartered Cosmetic Chemist has assessessed all Eden Water products as skin safe and fully compliant with UK/EU regulations.

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