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Secret Santa Charcoal Soap ~ Naughty or Nice Santa Sack

Limited Numbers!

To Help Them Clean Up Their Act!

Naughty or Nice score out as appropriate!

Since a huge amount of Christmas plastic tat ends up in landfill.

Let’s Help Them Clean Up Their Act! ~ Ditch the plastic this year and choose ethical and sustainable gifts that not only bring joy, but are also kinder to our environment.

Our little Charcoal Soap Santa Sacks spread a little cheer without spreading waste!

Kind to the environment - Gentle on the skin!

Sweet Cedarwood, Lemon with Charcoal & Hemp Oil

Aroma: Citrus | Sweet | Woody | Spice


When your skin feels like it needs a deep clean, use this clarifying charcoal facial soap. It’s gentle enough for your face, but you can use it all over your body.

Naturally fragranced with a unique blend of therapeutic essential oils. Detoxifying activated charcoal is combined with citrus and fragrant cedarwood essential oils to clarify and awaken.

The lemony notes of Litse Cubeba are paired with and Sicilian Lemon and a whisper of grounding Cedar-wood Atlas. (cedar-wood atlas is more reminiscent of wild gorse rather than it’s deep woody cousin Cedar Virginia)


Sicilian Lemon oil uplifting and zesty is brimming with antioxidants. All citrus oils are toning and clarifying for skin and hair.

Cedarwood Atlas, sweet, strengthening, stabilising and emotionally grounding.


A rich double butter, nourishing soap with a high percentage of highly emollient Shea Butter, nourishing Cocoa Butter with moisturising and soothing unrefined Hemp Seed Oil.


Coconut offers much to nourish our body and our skin, it’s abundant in micronutrients, lauric, caprylic and capric acids and has a very high amount of antioxidants.

Shea butter is highly emollient and feels luxurious on the skin, abundant in Vitamins A, E and F.


Cocoa butter – moisturising and rich in skin loving essential fatty acids which sooth and help hydrate and nourish the skin.


Castor Oil - Acts as a wonderful humectant by attracting and holding moisture to the skin. it is also known to repair dry, damaged, itchy or inflamed skin.

Olive oil ~ Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and full of antioxidants and vitamins A, E and K.

Unrefined Hemp oil is intensively restorative and packed with essential fatty acids. It’s rich in vitamins E, anti-oxidants and polyunsaturated fats, (Omega 3 & Omega 6) and gamma-linolenic fatty acid (GLA) to calm and hydrate sensitive skin.


Activated charcoal is well known for its purifying qualities, it absorbs 500 times it's weight in impurities, excellent for dull skin, clearing clogged pores by drawing out toxins and helping to remove bacteria and dirt that build up on our skin.


Cleansing for face and body.

Suitable for all skin types.

Never tested on animals. Paraben free. Palm oil free. 100% recyclable packaging


Natural Botanical Essential Oil Soap

Sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium cocoa butterate, sodium shea butterate, sodium castorate (castor oil), sodium cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil, citrus Limonium (lemon) atlas cedrus atlantica (cedarwood) litse Cubeba, Activated charcoal. Naturally occurring citral, geraniol, d limonene, limonene linalool



External use only – avoid direct eye contact – not for use near mucous membranes or broken skin.

If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Secret Santa Charcoal Soap ~ Naughty or Nice Santa Sack

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