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Magnetic Soap Saver Holder

Soap Saver Magnetic Soap Holder is perfect for keeping your soap air dried between use, thus prolonging the life of your natural soap bar.

This innovative holder is a slightly different way to store your soap! Say goodbye to soggy soap!

A must have for soap lovers! I’ve had mine in place for years, in fact I’ve got quite a few!

The simple wall/tile mounted design is ideal and easy to use and install.

The soap holder will stick to smooth surfaces such as tiles, glass, mirrors, etc.

No physical wall fixing is necessary to install the product, just make sure the surface is clean and dry before sticking.

Press the metal plates into the soap.

Gently guide it to the magnet.

To release the soap, simply tilt and remove.

For block soaps up to 120g

Perfect for kitchen and bathroom

Easy to attach

Strong magnet

Magnetic Soap Saver Holder

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